Zoee Writes Song For Friend (Suicide Prevention)

Hey Guys, 


This is a song I wrote for my friend, Will. He was facing some awful suicidal thoughts and he went missing for nearly a week. I wrote this for him and shared it hoping he would find his way back home again. 


Thankfully, he has :-)  


This song is for anyone who needs to be reminded they have a friend in this often dark and lonely world. <3 

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    Bruce Ogilvie (Monday, 06 September 2021 06:14)

    Hi Zoee. I hope that all is well? Seems like an eon ago I came to Campbeltown piano hunting :-) This is a wonderful track. My brother committed suicide 11 years ago and was thinking about him, along with my Dad who sadly passed a year ago today. the helplessness of my brother's plight was all stuff that could be sorted if he'd reached out. Will is lucky to have you and others looking out for him. Take care and hope to see y'all live soon x