Zoee’s music has captivated audiences with her unique voice and emotive lyrics since a young age. Growing up listening to everything from AC/DC to Merle Haggard to Olivia-Newton John, her love of great songs and music is imbedded in her DNA.


Zoee has garnered multiple awards and critical acclaim, including winning the 2021 'Song of the Year' award at the Women of Country Awards for a self-penned song. She has composed and performed on a feature film soundtrack, charted in the Top 20 on the Amazon Country Charts, and toured extensively throughout the US, UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia with her band. 


Zoee's move to Nashville in 2022 has allowed her to collaborate with renowned and Grammy & CMA winning and nominated songwriters such as Kyle Jacobs, Jeff Cohen, Bonnie Dymond, Phil Barton, James House, Jamie Floyd, and Steve Dorff. Her recent singles, "Dirty Blonde" and "Castles in the Sand," both reached number one in Australia, with the latter staying in the Top 40 for 37 weeks. 


Her latest releases are topping the iTunes charts worldwide, and with over 1M views and 60,000 followers, Zoee is quickly gaining popularity with fans near and far. 


As a girl growing up on the coast of the southern island, Tasmania (Australia) she raced endurance motocross and aspired to turn professional also while working as an abalone diver with her parents, but music ultimately found her.  


Zoee's journey has not been without challenges. Her love of music has seen her busking on the streets and living in her car at times, following her heart and chasing her passion. 



For more information, please visit www.zoeemusic.com


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Zoee is a CMA & ACM Voting Member

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