Tip Jar

Today musicians in the music business make less money than ever before, with Streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, allowing fans to essentially “rent” their favourite artists’ music for fractions of pennies. Buying tickets and merch are typically the only ways in which you can support your favourite musicians to help keep them making your favourite songs. 


However there is another way to reconnect artists with their people, and that is via the virtual Tip Jar. 


Introducing the Virtual Tip Jar, which is essentially like an ordinary tip jar, but it’s now virtual, (creative name, eh?) but the beautiful part of this V-Tip Jar is it ensures that any proceeds going forward aren’t getting lost in the maze of streaming platforms or labels, within the music business, and are actually going directly to the artist in point... In this case; Zoee & The Band. 


With the Virtual tip Jar you can rest assured that Zoee will continue writing new music and together with The Band they’ll continue playing stages all over the world, recording new music with the most innovative producers and team, and when they’re home playing in your local bar they can continue to give you that feeling you long for whenever you go to their show... a place of belonging and 2 hours of uninterrupted re-connection with yourself through music. All because you believed in them. 


Help Zoee & The Band to continue making incredible music and touring below... 



Here is a few examples of what your tips can do:

£10 or more

Buy's Zoee a nice cuppa in the cafe after a long day in the studio or performing.  


£20 or more

Buy's Zoee & The Band a top up in gas to stay on the road. 


£50 or more

Buy's Zoee & The Band a few hours in the rehearsal studio, perfecting the live show and new music. 


£100 or more

Buys Zoee & The Band a nice hotel room for the night to relax after a long day recording or performing.


£200 or more

Will help purchase Zoee & The Band wireless guitar pickups; allowing Zoee freedom on-stage to join you right in the front row while still giving you the best show possible! 


£250 or more

Will help Zoee & The Band to update their frequently used leads, cables, guitar equipment (pedals) and vocal/drum mics and other stage gear, to make sure they're putting on the best live show possible, and giving back all they can onstage. 


£500 or more

Buy's Zoee great PR coverage for her newest release (through radio, magazines, online articles, online sessions, etc.) 


£1,000 or more

Get's Zoee in the studio to record her newest single for release. (Covers most studio, engineer and producer fees). 

Thank you for being the best family and team I could ever ask for. 



P.S. If none of the payment methods above don't work for you let me know what you prefer via the contact page